Oravital - Toronto Dentist Dr. Yolanda Cruz


Our Toronto dental office has been certified to administer the Oravital® System.  This is a powerful diagnostic and treatment protocol for oral infections such as gingivitis (sensitive or bleeding gums), periodontitis (gum disease), and also halitosis (chronic bad breath).

What is Oravital®?
The Oravital® System features comprehensive microbiology diagnostics and targeted, topical medication to kill the germs causing the infection along with an antibiotic rinse to flush away harmful bacteria. Above all, Oravital® is patient-friendly, non-invasive, safe and very effective.

A healthy mouth for a healthy body
Oral infections, even when relatively mild, can affect the health of the whole body. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and result in an immune response elsewhere in the body.  As a result, this can elevate the risk of many serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, pneumonia, and also pregnancy complications.


Kids & oral infections
The bacteria responsible for oral infection are highly transferable. Studies have proven that if parents have an existing oral infection, it’s likely that their children also have or will have the same oral bacteria in their mouths. When you share a glass or straw with your children, you also share your bacteria. Therefore, testing kids early and treating with Oravital® when necessary will give them a better chance for a healthier future.

Patient benefits within 2 weeks of starting Oravital® treatment:

  • 87% reduction in bleeding gums
  • 76 – 84% reduction in periodontal pockets
  • 79% reduction in halitosis
  • Reduction of oral-systemic risks
  • Control of oral infections

Ask us about scheduling your Oravital® screening test at our Toronto dental office today!  Call us: Downtown office 416-595-5490 or Etobicoke office 647-370-5950