Weber Laser

Weber Medical Low-Level-Laser Therapy

At Dr. Yolonda Cruz Dentistry, we are one of the first dental clinics worldwide to offer our patients a new therapeutic approach dental services: the Weber Medical Low Level Laser Therapy!

What is Low-Level-Laser Therapy (LLLT)?
The therapy concept of LLLT was developed in Germany and is based upon the usage of soft lasers.  Unlike surgical lasers that consequently destroy tissue and cells, soft lasers supply our body with energy to trigger numerous regenerative processes. The Weber Medical Low Level Laser achieves this result.

Medical Laser therapy applies blue, green, green, red and infrared lasers.  Each color develops different effects, which are evoked by the stimulation of specific cellular components, such as growth factors or cells of our immune system.  A large number of clinical studies have proven these effects.

Areas of Application

Local Laser Therapy and Laserneedle Acupuncture are used for:

  • TMJ Disorder treatment
  • Pain Management & Rehabilitation
  • Traditional Acupuncture (tendinitis, migraine/headache syndromes, trigeminal neuralgia)

External Laser Therapy applies up to twelve laser needles simultaneously.  We attach the laser needles externally to patients, so they not inserted into the skin. These needle-like laser ends have the ability to achieve a high energy density that can penetrate directly into the body to stimulate pain areas and develop healing mechanisms, as a result.

Laser needles can also used for traditional acupuncture.  The procedure is pain-free and opens up the possibility to stimulate twelve acupuncture points at the same time.

In addition, patients benefit from the healing effects of high energy light particles.  As a result, this pain-free and non-invasive method achieves excellent treatment results by verifiable tissue irritation.

Transcranial Laser Therapy used for:

  • Treatment for migraine, tinnitus & vertigo.

Transcranial Laser therapy stimulates various neurological processes, therefore making it an innovative promising new treatment option.

Transcranial Laser Therapy used in Dentistry

  • Alternative way of treatment of root canals, periodontitis, gingivitis, mouth ulcers etc.

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