Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

We provide cosmetic dentistry at the Toronto office of Dr. Yolonda Cruz, where we focus on dental procedures that will restore teeth to their natural beauty and enhance a smile’s aesthetic appeal, while also maintaining optimum dental health and functionality. Cosmetic dentistry can improve your self-image because updating your smile often has a positive emotional and psychological impact on patients. People with even teeth and bright smiles are often perceived by others as smarter, more attractive, and more successful.

Don’t feel embarrassed by how your teeth look! Ask about our cosmetic dentistry services in our Toronto Ontario dental office. Dr. Cruz uses modern dental procedures and techniques to correct imperfections and create a fabulous, new image. With a customized treatment plan and advanced dental technology, our Toronto cosmetic dentist will completely revitalize your oral health and appearance.


Cosmetic dentistry includes, but is not limited to:


After examining your teeth, cosmetic dentist Dr. Yolonda Cruz can recommend a personalized cosmetic treatment plan that will enhance your smile.

If you live in the Toronto Ontario area, contact one of our Toronto dental offices today to schedule a consultation for cosmetic dentistry. For your convenience, we have 2 locations: Downtown office 416-595-5490 or Etobicoke office 647-951-8888