Preventative Dentistry for Children - Toronto Dentist Dr. Yolanda Cruz

Preventative Dentistry for Children

At our Toronto dental offices of Dr. Yolanda Cruz, we promote preventative dentistry for children.  Dental prevention is just as important for children as it is for adults. It is important for your child to start regular dental checkups at our Toronto office at a early age. A typical preventative dentistry program for children contains many steps, both in and out of the dental office.

These steps include:

1. Brushing, flossing and good oral habits.
2. Application of fluorides and sealants.
3. Monitoring the child’s dental development.
4. Sports safety.
5. Parent involvement and proper diet.

Preventative dentistry will help maintain a child’s healthy smile. Children with healthy teeth chew their food properly, and learn to talk more clearly and quickly. Preventative dentistry also helps to minimizes future costly dental treatment for your child, by identifying and treating potential problems early.

During your child’s visit to our Toronto dental office, we will examine his or her teeth and diagnose and treat any any dental issues. If necessary, our Toronto dental hygienist will apply fluoride treatment and dental sealants to help protect the teeth from tooth decay. Dr. Yolanda Cruz will also address any orthodontics concerns.

Tooth cleaning, fluoride and polishing are only a few steps of an entire prevention program for children. Our Toronto dental hygienist will also provide the application of dental sealants as necessary to protect children’s teeth from decay.  Dr. Cruz can custom fit mouth guards to protect the teeth and mouth when playing in sports, and monitor your child’s dental development as she or he grows. Dr. Yolanda Cruz is specifically trained in preventative dentistry for children to create a combination of home and office preventative care to make sure your child maintains a healthy, happy smile.