iTero Scanner

The iTero Scanner Eliminates Messy Dental Impressions

At the dental office of Dr. Yolanda Cruz, we use the iTero Scanner to take dental impressions.  The iTero Scanner is essentially a wand that allows us to take 3D images of your teeth and bite in real time. Thanks to this advanced technology, we no longer need to use traditional putty molds to take impressions of your teeth.  No more gagging, and no more mess!

Dr. Cruz will use the iTero Scanner to model your teeth.  Then, we create custom Invisalign aligners that are built specifically for you. You will receive a series of tooth aligners. Every two weeks, you will discard your old aligner and and swap it for the next. As a result, these aligners will gradually and precisely begin to shift your teeth into their desired position.  your smile is beautiful and straight!

Call us today to schedule a consult for Invislign at one of our dental offices: Downtown office 416-595-5490 .